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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Starting July 3rd...

We decided to start the July 4th celebrations on July 3rd. Since July 4th is going to be filled with a visit from Shard and his family, a parade and fireworks in the evening, we thought it better to do a Cyndi party the night before. As always I had to make a cake for the fun. Ben really wanted to add some 'flare' to the cake, so we got some mini fountain rockets to put on top. They turned out rather cool. We also got just a few cheap fireworks that were Cyndi friendly to light.

The cake. It was a red velvet and vanilla pound with butter cream icing.

The fireworks!

Inside the cake - American flag

Cyndi loved the sparklers. But Marius burnt himself lighting the cake, Cyndi kept crying wolf saying 'I burnt myself.' Note: No Cyndi was burnt or harmed during the night!

The Family at the little celebration:

Cyndi playing with the sparklers - she had so much fun!

Ben and Cyndi playing with the sparklers.

Once we got home, Cyndi went up to Ben and gave him a big hug. She then proceeded to thank him for her party.


Shantra said...

I love that cake!!!! It's so creative and fun!

Bridget said...

I just clicked on your blog listed under Mormon Blogs because my maiden name is Ames, and I'm mormon. I haven't met very many other Ames mormons, so hi! Most of my Ames relatives are from South Dakota, like me.