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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 4th

July 4th we kept tradition and went to the Murray parade. Honestly the only reason why we go to that parade is because of the Jeep 'float.' Its a whole bunch of Jeeps doing little tricks. Its cool. I love it!

Cyndi was very good at learning to respect the American Flag and every time she saw one she would put her hand over her heart. She did not have to be told or anything. She saw everyone do it at the beginning of the parade and every time after that, she would automatically do it. It was so cute. There was a bag-pipe 'float' and at the beginning of the bag-pipes there was a flag. Cyndi did not like the bag-pipe sound and covered her ears while keeping her hand over her heart. She was so cute.


Later that day Shared and his family came over for a braai and we all got to hang out. It was fun. Then in the evening we went to the Murray fireworks. Cyndi had a blast. She got sparklers and glow sticks. By the end of the night she had about 25 glow sticks all over her body and she looked like she should come out of one of those futuristic movies where all the clothing is metallic and reflective.

It was a great July 4th this year. I am guessing we have more to come!