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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zoo Trip

Last week we went to the zoo. There was a large group of us, it was Shared and his family, Ouma, Granny and Ben, Cyndi and I. I was hoping that the hot walk around the zoo for 6 or so hours would help encourage Damian to join us, but I think it just made him hide. It was fun to see Cyndi loving all the animals. I never took lots of pictures since we had seen the animals before. So here are a couple that really stood out to me.

Ouma has a cat that sleeps just like this. It was funny to see.

Daddy showing Cyndi the birds in the bird house

Cyndi got to go on the carousel. She has been on one before and hated it. So it was cool to see her loving it this time. She would wave every time she came around and yell 'Mom'

This little guy reminds me of Timone and his family from the lion king 1 1/2. I can see the song 'What was that' going through his head.

Ouma and Cyndi with the elephants. Cyndi LOVES the elephants.

I tried to get some pictures of everyone on the carousel, but I failed. Every one kept coming out blurring. So I videoed.