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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cyndi at Rohan's Wedding

My cousin got married yesterday. Ben and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the sealing the Salt Lake Temple. Then Cyndi and I were lucky to be able to attend the reception down in Payson. The sealing was beautiful.

Ben was short for time so we left right ofter the sealing and never stayed for pictures. But his one is one that my mom took when they left the Temple.

Warning: the next few pictures were taken on my phone, that is why they are not very good. At least the memory is there.

Cyndi was just in awe of Cassie. She kept pointing and saying 'Princess' and then her face would like up. She was so cute. Cassie was great and had a dance with Cyndi. I think that Cyndi felt like her dreams had just come true. Her face was just a ball of light. Cassie did look amazing in her dress.

Cyndi loves to dance. She also loves her second cousins (mom's cousins). She saw Lakyn and Jadyn (sorry for the wrong spelling) dancing and she wanted a piece of the action. So Lakyn let her join her. After a while, Lakyn and Jadyn's cousin came in join in. So Cyndi got to dance with him. He was so wonderful to her. He would move her around the dance floor and spin her out and back in. It was so cute to watch them. When the music stopped they would part ways and play around and then the music started again, he would come and find her and whisk her onto the dance floor.

A little video from my phone that shows the two of them dancing together. I wish that I had remember my camera to have taken better pictures though.